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W3c home > mailing lists > public > www-html@w3. buy cheap viagra Org > november 2006 re: suggestion: http request bundle this message: [ message body ] [ respond ] [ more options ] related messages: [ next message ] [ previous message ] [ in reply to ] [ next in thread ] [ replies ] from: mark birbeck Buy viagra online europe Birbeck@x-port. viagra for sale Net> date: fri, 3 nov 2006 16:23:21 +0000 message-id: <640dd5060611030823t3cbf575boeb81191d77329b49@mail. viagra and viagra and viagra Gmail. buy viagra online Com> to: www-html@w3. viagra online Org doug, interesting idea. viagra viagra mechanism action It may cross over with some of the web app packaging work that is being mooted. I don't know if you are aware, but another factor that makes your technique desirable is that it seems browsers are only supposed to send 2 requests at a time to http servers. viagra versus viagra side effects Rfc 2616, section 8. cheapest prices for viagra online 1. viagra for sale 4 says this: "clients that use persistent connections should limit the number of simultaneous connections that they maintain to a given server. cheap viagra online A single-user client should not maintain more than 2 connections with any server or proxy. buy cheap viagra " which, implies that each subsequent request by the browser will be blocked until one of the two that are 'in progress' has completed. Looking at the way browsers behave in relation to this, file size seems to be a far less significant factor on performance than the number of files referred to. buy viagra online Regards, mark on 03/11/06, doug whitehead wrote: >>>>> enhance the http protocol to create a request bundle, with a zip response > to > minimize the chatter between the browser and a server. cheapest prices for viagra online >>> from the web user's perspective website load times could be accelerated >> if n > requests for resources could be bundled into a single request from a > webserver. cheapest prices for viagra online >> this would also minimize the load on the webserver, as one request bundle > and zip response could replace what currently takes dozens of > request/response pairs. cheap generic viagra >> comment: > think about the dozens of gifs, icons, etc. buy cheap viagra That get loaded when one first > hits a website. viagra 20 mg fiyatı Seconds could be shaved off the initial load time if the > browser were able to grab multiple items from its request queue for the > same > destination, same user, etc. Directions taking soft viagra To do so would surely suggest a minor > javascript api enhancement to take advantage of the request bundle > effic. Viagra cheap thailand Date Created: Tue Feb 19 22:31:50 2008

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