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Helpline: 443075 follow us: facebook home about us about dementia types of dementia alzheimer's disease creutzfeld jakobs disease (cjd) early onset dementia frontotemporal dementia huntington's disease lewy bodies dementia mixed dementia neimann pick disease pick's disease posterior cortical atrophy vascular dementia wernicke-korsakoff syndrome i have dementia advice for families information for carers information for young people safety in the home get involved contact us latest news forum home > types of dementia > posterior cortical atrophy posterior cortical atrophy posterior cortical atrophy (pca), also known as benson's syndrome, is a progressive degenerative condition where damage to brain cells is particularly focused at the back (posterior) of the brain, the region responsible for visual processing. viagra prescription assistance Can you buy viagra walgreens   pca had been under-recognised in the past until the author, terry pratchett, was diagnosed with the condition and spoke about it publicly. do i need prescription to buy viagra in canada cheap viagra online The most common problem first noticed by people with pca is with vision. viagra 20 mg 4 tablet fiyat viagra online People with pca may go to see an optician at first, thinking that their difficulties are due to a problem with their eyes and that they may need new glasses. viagra for sale us viagra prescription assistance Visual impairment commonly develops as people get older, and in most cases a decline in vision is due to this natural ageing process. Viagra how long after eating cheap generic viagra However, in people with pca, visual problems are not due to problems with their eyes. viagra prescription assistance Can heart patients use viagra It is caused because the affected brain cannot interpret and process the information received from the person's eyes, which are still healthy. http://nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-viagra-cheap-online-cs/ The visual problems experienced may vary widely but often include some or all of the following: • difficulty recognising objects in pictures • difficulty recognising faces • loss of spatial awareness, which means experiencing increasing difficulty in judging distances and speeds they might misjudge distances when trying to pick up something, or have difficulty finding the numbers on a phone or calculator. viagra without a doctor prescription Stationary objects might appear to be moving. best viagra pill cutter • difficulty moving from the end of one line to the beginning of the next when reading. generic viagra online Also some words or letters appear to move around or become superimposed. viagra for sale • difficulty with certain types of text, such as handwritten notes or large print. viagra online • objects may appear to have an unusual colour • more sensitive to bright light and shiny surfaces • double vision • difficulty seeing in low light conditions some problems may be particularly hard for families and carers to understand âˆ’ for instance the person might find small print easier to read than large. viagra for sale viagra usa rezeptpflichtig
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